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Petaluma's Inclusive Center for Jewish Life

Sponsor a Kiddush

What is a Kiddush and How Do I Sponsor One?

In each newsletter, we ask you if you would like to sponsor a kiddush - but not everyone knows what a kiddush is or how to go about sponsoring one!

The word "Kiddush" refers to the the light meal that follows the Saturday morning service. Traditionally, this meal is a dairy meal. Every week, BIJC provides a basic kiddush for its Shabbat participants. We thank Noah's Bagels for providing bagels and challah to BIJC for many years. We also thank Rhonda Goodman, who makes sure that there is always lox and cream cheese on hand for the Saturday morning kiddush.

On weeks that there is a potluck meal, Shabbat participants can elect to bring in the rest of the meal—desserts, salads or additional bagel spreads such as tuna or egg salad.

When you sponsor a kiddush, you can either donate money specifically to cover the costs of a kiddush on a particular date or you can prepare the kiddush meal yourself and bring it yourself. Sometimes several families pitch in and do the kiddush together.

Sponsoring a kiddush is a lovely way to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, family simcha or the yahrzeit of a loved one. Sponsor a kiddush and celebrate with your extended "shul" family!

What could be better than feeding other people? We're Jewish, after all!

For more information on how to sponsor a kiddush or to schedule a date for your kiddush, please contact Charlene in the office at (707) 762-0340.

Tue, June 2 2020 10 Sivan 5780