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Petaluma's Inclusive Center for Jewish Life

Tikkun Olam Team (formerly Caring Community)

The Tikkun Olam Team has no regular meetings, no paperwork to fill out, and no spreadsheets to agonize over, and you can participate a lot or a little. Team members will simply be asked from time-to-time to help those of us in our community who are faced with the sort of difficulties we all need a hand with at some time in our lives.

Tikkun Olam Team members will... a friendly face and a listening ear for someone who is convalescing at home or the hospital.
...prepare and deliver a meal for those in mourning or who are ill.
...go shopping, pick-up a prescription, or drive someone for a doctor's appointment. with the arrangements for a shiva.
...walk a dog or feed a cat, do a sink of dishes, help with the garden, or just sit with someone and read out loud.

Sometimes someone just sitting with us offering loving kindness, or helping us finish a chore that is simple but today feels overwhelming, can make all the difference. Join B'nai Israel's Tikkun Olam Team today. 

Adam Kinsey
BIJC Tikkun Olam Team

Please send an email to  with “Sign Me Up!” in the subject line, and we will contact you shortly with next steps. 


HINENI - I am here, I care, I will act


Chevra Kadisha of Sonoma County

Do you know:

For thousands of years Jews have practiced a beautiful tradition of assisting in the journey from death to burial with respect, kindness and sympathy.

Do you know:

There is a large community of volunteers in Sonoma County that participate in this mitzvah of preparing a person’s body for burial? Tahara is the ritual practice of the final mikvah. 

Are you interested in learning more for you or a loved one? Come listen  and learn about this rich practice, where respect for the deceased is the guiding principle. This evening is open to all- from those who are curious to those that want to learn so they can participate in this beautiful mitzvah.

For further information please call (707) 322-1631 or (707) 546-6043 or email

Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784